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What is the Radical Black Metal Organization? The question turns out to be simple but also difficult, since the organization is not a bunch of militant Black Metal Rowdis, but the extended arm of Sturmglanz productions to Eastern Europe and the rest of the world. This is probably the simplest denominator of this organization. In the foreground is the union of bands, artists, freethinkers and followers of the anticultureal existence. The representatives must not have published under the umbrella of Sturmglanz productions. No, anyone who focuses on the ideology of the antireligious and intolerant way of life can be represented. Here, the artistic project with the presented statements is in the center and corresponds to the clear awareness recognition not only within the project to represent this position, but also to carry these messages also in direct connection and to distribute.


Therefore, this channel of distribution has only a small portion of Black Metal absorption available and is open to any new or "modern" flow in the genre and rejects them consistently. The Radical Black Metal Organization does not explain itself and will not give up bloated statements on verbal and non-verbal riots within the Black Metal ideology. The guide of this organization is closely knit and contains little room for interpretation or interpretation. The keywords antireligious, intolerant and radical are in perfect agreement with this mission statement. The worship of Subhuman individuals corresponds to the equality of a religious affinity. The esoteric side is observed in its effectiveness, evaluated and constantly questioned.


Membership is not subject to any standardized admission form discussion. Rather, one uses the individual processing of the ideological attitude between mind, brain and body. The hostility over this organization will rear up promptly with each additional sunset. The followership can not be done by a single person, but must be done with an own created work and idea.


Another version over the sphere of action is not necessary at this point!



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